Many have Knowing.  Many have Ears to Hear, and Eyes to See.  Angela (Andena) Anderson is one of many who have Chosen to honor The Call, giving voice and yielding in Collaborative Cooperation with All that is of The Divine Christ Consciousness - The Eternal Love and Infinite Wisdom present and incessantly speaking within The All.


Words and sounds are but Frequency and Vibration.   We ask that you allow what is shared, through this portal, to Enliven your Being with Wonder, and Awaken within you Greater Awareness of The Who and The What that you Truly are.

So, who or what is Oneness?

Oneness is a Divine state of Knowing, there is no Separation; the Creation is but expanding in Reflection of itself through Experience of each unique Facet in Expression.  Oneness is the collective label adopted by the Beings of Divine Christ Consciousness present in Support of Humanity during this Great Awakening, this great shift in the Consciousness of Earth and her inhabitants. 

As above, so below.  As within, so without.  As the universe, so the Soul. 

The great journey of ascension humanity faces at this time has ripple effects throughout the Cosmos. With this in mind, the Energy of Oneness has come forth  to Support and Guide Humanity into the Remembrance of its own Divine nature.

Through this portal, and others to come, we intend to help you Remember that...


  • You are more than you have come to know.

  • You are Divine.

  • You are Love.

  • You are Worthy.

  • You are a Unique Expression of the Divine Infinite Creator in Manifest form.

  • While the ego provides the Illusion of separateness, Know that ALL are indeed One.  ALL.

  • Unique in personality you are, but One at the very Core of your Beingness.


There is no work to be done before you are at liberty to accept these points as Fact.  There is no price, hidden or otherwise, which must be paid prior.  No hidden agendas.  There is but the Choice to expand the openness of your own Awareness of Self.


Be still and Know.   

Be silent and Remember.


ALL are Welcome.